Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Youth Leadership

Tonight is the parents and youth meeting about a different kind of youth group than we have been running. There are several UMCs in our area and the leadership of each has taken a hit in numbers of late. I have been asked by our SPRC and a couple of the other churches to coordinate the possibilities for a cluster youth group. This sounds good, but I want to be clear about staying in the youth leader postion for a season (like 6 months) and then winding it up to get it going on its own. One of the cool things is that during this time there is a conference with Terry Carty, of the General Board of Discipleship, who is going to do a workhop for youth leaders in the California-Pacific Conference. I am encouraging our folks to go and to learn. I intend to go myself. The youth are great and they have fun with whomever comes around. They want to learn about God, they want to be in service and they want to enjoy life with one another. I am not sure what elese I could ask for. Now I have to work on building the leadership of the youth and the parents and concerned adults to a place where we can all celebrate the life of the youth in the San Bernardino area.
Many pieces, and I am just hoping not to fall to pieces with that project ahead of me.


At December 20, 2005, Blogger gavin richardson said...

i hope the meeting went well. terry is a good mentor in teaching people of all skills in ministry. i'd suggest emailing jonathon as he just ended a very successful stint between two churches in a shared ministry. that's a tough one as some churches become fearful that they would loose the kids to the other congregations.


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