Friday, December 16, 2005

Not sure

So I am sitting here in the warmth of the living room, just hanging out watching a little bit of Fox Soccer Channel highlights from the J-League and find that I really like FSC, They are good stuff. It gets my blood flowing in excitement for the World Cup next year. I am a lot anxious about the teams the US has drawn in the first round of the finals, with the Czech Republic, Italy and Ghana. If they do get through, they might wind up facing Brazil in the next round. This is no easy road for the Americans. We have good depth, the real question is whether we have the full complement healthy. There are some very good players and I think we can compete, as long as everyone is ready to play, players at less than full hurt us in 2002. We went into the rounds with players down, and it only got worse. I hope Bruce Arena learned and will take only healthy players to Germany this time around.
Enough for right now. amazing how I can start with nothing and wind up with something of reasonable substance.


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