Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I try to read through the other blogs I follow each morning before I start my own writings and musings. The nice thing for me is that the majority of the folks who blog that I know of and follow are on the Eastern Time Zone. So they manage to get their stuff up early, or very, very late at night, I haven't figured out which for certain. As much as I would love to hear of California based bloggers, especially UMC bloggers here on the West Coast, I take my muse whereever I can get it.
In reviewing this morning's blogs I found a few of interest. And this is where I borrow from Locusts & Honey and give a recap...if this trend continues the only things on the blogosphere will be recaps and more recaps and so everyone will just direct you to one another's blog. That sounds like something to talk about (hmmm)...but back to the recap.
Gavin's car passed 200K. I try to sell mine before they hit 100K, but once you hit that landmark then you might as well go whole hog and see how far it can take you I guess. I saw one the other day at the dealership service photo board that was well over 500K, a Saturn. Kinda cool.
I am all about the Chronicles of Narnia and have been excited about this movie for some time. I remember sitting down with my parents to read the Chronicles when we were kids. I think we petered out on that when we got into the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, so I have since gone back and read the books two or three times, the only ones I have done that with other than a couple of Ayn Rand books and a slew of them when I was a kid, like the Berenstain Bears. (Which reminds me that this week marks the passing of Stan Berenstain - thanks for the memories and the learning opportunities for reading) So thanks to Jonathan for the full length trailer.
Maybe I should save my comments on Shane's Wesley Blog and Demons until he finishes the post. I only saw part 2 today, maybe I need to go back and read part 1, or wait until it gets printed, not sure what the real scoop is there.


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