Saturday, December 03, 2005


Today is championship day in the college football world and I have some interest in a few of the games, USC-UCLA foremost among them. You may ask how this is a championship game as UCLA is #11 in the nation and USC is #1. The interesting piece to me is that if UCLA wins they win the Pac-10, with a win over USC they have beaten the #1 team. Statistically I don't know if Oregon actually wins the PAC-10 because they lost their 1 game to a higher ranked team (USC) and haven't played UCLA. Texas-Colorado has some nice bits to it too, with a plug for Colorado on my end. I would be happy to see Vince Young struggle. Then you throw in the SEC championship game, with LSU and Georgia. I hate to see either one of those teams there, but am happy that Florida and Tennessee have been shut out of such a game. The bummer is that Alabama was so close and then let it all fall apart with a loss to LSU and then Auburn. Auburn is the team my wife roots for and so that hurt too when they were unable to make it into the Championship after they beat up on UA.
Enough of those thoughts for today, back to the readings for the sermon.


At December 04, 2005, Blogger gavin richardson said...

my impression of championship football saturday.. "yawn!"


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