Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lectionary Prep

Yesterday was a great day with some fellow pastors. We took the time to travel down to Newport Beach to visit the home of one of the pastors there, and five us, including the host sat down around the table for 7 hours of lectionary prep. This is new to me, as I was only recently invited to join the group. Over the course of 20 some years the group has had some various incarnations, but always focused on the desire to study the scriptures in preparing for the preaching and worship of the church.
This event was a time to get an overview of the seasons of the church, and an attempt to glean some more valuable sight about where we are going in the Year B Lectionary, which starts in just three weeks, with Advent 1, on November 27.
I hope to have resources to post for others. The exciting thing for me was the chance to review the year at a whole, and not have to do it all myself. We will then come back together in December and do a two-month review of the lectionary to come for those months, with a little more in depth preparation.
In my preparations I took the four (or more) texts for a given week (My set of dates was October and November of next year - Common time) and printed them out. I then looked them over and tried to find a few things. My keys were to find 1) an overall theme 2) Highlights 3) Disturbing Passages and 4) Preaching Paths. I did this for each week. What I got from another person who prepared was a long overview done in spreadsheet, which allowed me to look at the themes of each of the text areas, like OT, Gospel, Psalms, and Epistle. Now to see what I can do to make that all happen with the work I did. When it is done I will post it and you are free to rip it as you like.


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