Thursday, October 27, 2005

Vanity Check

Who Links Here

Man, I have no clue whether I am effective or not...but let's get to checking on who thinks I might have something to say.


At October 28, 2005, Blogger natalie said...

i think this thing's a hoax because it has the exact same listings for everyone who uses it, including myself. ( i deleted the post i used to try it out)

At November 12, 2005, Anonymous SueC said...

Natalie...this is NOT a hoax...I know this man well! I'm not a blogger, but was recently reminded of this "Walking Paradox"...isn't that really what each of us is? I find his musings helpful, encouraging and reassuring! Thanks to David for writng and sharing; thanks to you for responding; and thanks to God for all that He wants for each of us. Blessings, S

At November 12, 2005, Blogger David said...

I expect Natalie was responding to the Blogger vanity check itself. And Natalie, I did check it out, by going to Gavin Richardson's blog - Hit the Back Button to Move Foward - and found that he had a much larger summary than I did and that it changed things. I found it interesting that the easiest way to increase the number of connections you have is through the comments you leave on other people' blogs. It doesn't seem to reflect the folks who use the Methodist Blogroll as a sidebar with the name of my blog in it, and so it seems like it just draws from the posts themselves.
It brings about a interesting conversations about netiquette, such as that I had with Tim Sisk regarding music in church.
Hope that moves everyone along.


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