Friday, October 21, 2005

More on Revitalizing the Church

So there are a few items out there that are designed to look more closely at what the church is doing to help revitalize itself.

I want to look at exists in theory and preliminary stages and the other is done.

The first is the California Pacific Annual Conference
"Covenant for Vital Ministry".

At the moment the pastor's evaluation is done and the pastors are expected to review themselves by January 3, 2006 and submit the form to the conference office. The second part of it is a process by which the pastor and the local church outlines the goals and expectations for the coming year. A great tool if we can get it together and put it back to the conference in time. The third part is not done yet, while a team is preparing the document, and it is the self-evaluation of the church. We have had such a tool already to look at where a church is in its life cycle (check out the Board of Congregagtional Development page - Comprehensive Plan: Life Cycle Chart): new church start, developing, self-sustaining (4 categories), Transitioning, revitalizing, closing. But, I think the new tool will be able to help the church look at itself more critically. I just hope it has to do with more than numbers, things like discipleship and the fruits thereof in the community, not just the local church.

The other document I want to share with you is one from the Baltimore Washington Annual Conference that seeks to do some of the same things the California Pacific Annual Conference is in the process of making.
Take a look at the "Discipleship Adventure" and the "Strive for Five".

What are the possibilities for your church in the various structures?



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