Monday, September 19, 2005


I can sympathize with Jay as he feels the power of burnout and the pressure of maintaining the task at hand. The posts I had on priorities certainly helped play that out in more than my mind. So i thank you for your patience there.

I need a vacation myself, and wonder at the possibilties of "working vacations". This came up as I talked with my dad who was on his way to a hardware convention and saw that as a major perk of his job as a hardware store manager. In this conference, and I am sure many others, there is a Bishop's Convocation. This year's was scheduled for Palm Springs. A number of my colleagues in ministry use this time to catch up and play golf, along with the worship and celebration times. There are nice accomodations and some great amenities at the resort. But is this vacation, CEU credit time, or is this jusst part of the job, that happens to help recharge many of the local pastors, including myself?

What qualifies as a vacation? What about continuing education? And when does the local church get to have this like clearing it with your boss at a normal job, or is the pastor the boss, and just has to make sure everything else is covered?

These are my musings this week.


At September 21, 2005, Blogger gavin richardson said...

i call that convention stuff as work. vacation is when you don't dwell on work? methodist churches are run by the congregations.. they don't need the ministers.. i think you should just go.. or maybe that's a bad idea?


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