Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So what now?

Holy Ground.
This is where the carnival post was supposed to go, and what the Exodus passage reminded me.
We are walking on holy ground. This was made plain to me in a couple of instances last week, and is part of what is carrying me through this week...though I must say i feel more like the Moses of the 4th chapter of Exodus, making every excuse under the sun to get out of my job this week. I am beat.
Fortunately God is good and provides a reminder of who God ist o me when I need back to last week and Holy Ground.
The first tidbit came from a funeral I did graveside. There were a number of older persons who came to the funeral and attended the afternoon service. The service was in the shade of a beautiful tree in the middle of the cemetery. In the San Bernardino heat that was much appreciated. But, it is the fact that the service was in the center of this area of the cemetery. Because of the distance from the perimeter and the number of persons who had trouble walking it was interesting to watch how they came to the gathering area. Many of these older persons had walkers, or people they were holding onto when they came across the grass. However, they were careful to avoid stepping on the headstones, flat though they were, and possibly the best path they could have walked to get to the service. The concept of Holy Ground became abundantly clear to me, as they walked ever so carefully across the yard avoiding the headstones to reach the service they had come to celebrate.
The second was the carnival. There was a marked difference in many of the people I witnessed at the carnival than when I have seen them in other settings around the neighborhood. The reality that they considered this to be Holy Ground, even though we were just on the church grounds and not in the buildings or the sanctuary or holding any services, or even playing any Christian music. Holy Ground demands that we respect those who have come before.
What is more, in recognizing we are on Holy Ground we recognize that there is something greater than us that calls us out of our present state of being to build on that very respect, whether it is the memory of a loved one who has passed away, or just respect for their person, or the respect we give to The Almighty.
God is good. May your steps be blessed by the recognition that every step is made on Holy Ground.


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