Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Saturday August 27th saw me at church for a very long day. I started at 6:30AM and finished around 10:30PM. All of that time was for a very great thing.
Del Rosa United Methodist Church hosted a carnival for the community. Through a very generous donation from a former member we had food, drinks, carnival games, bounce houses, a dunk tank, a train ride, pony rides, and a petting zoo, along with a few other attractions. All of this was offered free to the community. We tried to advertise to the community through a few different venues. We delivered several door hanger bags throughout the neighborhood, with a flyer about the church and an invitation/ticket to the carnival. We handed them out at the Karate school that uses our facility. We gave them out in bags of fireworks during our summer fundraiser in July. We even had a "friend" of the church who put them in bags at the fast food restaurant where this "friend" works.
We had planned for 1100 and had close to 500. We even had a few of the folks who came to this community carnival who showed up to church the next morning and several others who asked for information and said they would come some time soon. We shall see what happens with it all, but I think for DRUM this was a great opportunity to show the community that we care, and to do some seed planting with the people of San Bernardino.


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