Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Carnival

The church I serve has been given a nice gift by a congregant to host a carnival. We are going to have ponies and a petting zoo, carnival games, bounce houses and obstacle course, among other entertainment, a DJ and food (Corndogs, rootbeer floats, drinks, and sundaes). Exciting stuff.
The thing that I have found to be quite an education has been the load of paperwork to do such a thing, between the vendor contracts, and the city permits and waiver of permits it is quite an adventure.
We are using it to reach out to the community. But we are also trying to determine how best to follow up with all the people who come. This is the real question I have for my readers...
Ideas for how to follow up with nearly 1100 (expected) people who might enter our area during the 3 hour event?
Help is appreciated.


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