Wednesday, July 13, 2005


A couple of years ago during Annual Conference in an effort to find ways to resolve our more "contentious issues", the leadership of the Conference devised legislative sections. These sections were places to divide the various resolutions of the Conference and put them before smaller bodies that had more time to discuss the resolution before it went to the whole Conference, with a statement of "concurrence", "non-concurrence", with or without amendments and even undecided.
These legislative sections have even been used to discuss particular concerns of the Conference that did not have a resolution before the Conference, in the interest of developing conversation and understanding.

So why did I tell you all of that? Because a friend and fellow blogger, Gavin Richardson, has invited all who are interested in being a part of just such a conversation. Click on his name to go to his blog.

Additionally, I would refer you to a few other commentators who have raised pieces of the conversation in their blogs...and you can click on their names to read their blogs. Shane at Wesley Blog, Jay on Methocast #10, and Jonathan at St. Phransus.

I hope you will join the conversation too.


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