Monday, July 11, 2005

Awe and wonder

A friend of mine from seminary, Jay Voorhees, writes a blog called "Only Wonder Understands". The title is fantastic and I have been feeling filled with wonder recently. I dare say I am awed. Of course much of this has to do with Lance Armstrong and the Discovery Cycling Team and their assault on the Tour de France. The amount of work these men do on the roads of France and Germany is simply awe inspiring. Of course some of my awe may have to do with the ridiculous hours I have to get up to watch this great event. It starts at 5:30AM on the West Coast. Yesterday, Sunday, it started at 3:30AM. My awe may simply be a matter of sleep deprivation. However, I admire the work ethic and have to say I was as stunned as everyone else that David Zabriskie, also an American, beat Lance in the opening Time Trial, and held the jersey until the team time trial, where he crashed in the last 1500 meters. He has since dropped out of the race and I hurt for him.
Awe is that overwhelming feeling of admiration and wonder that realizes there is something greater in this world. For me, the first thing that produces that kind of feeling is God, and I am overwhelmed with awe when I think of God's enduring love and desire to have a relationship with me. That is particularly heightened when I look out across the spectrum of people and see people like Lance Armstrong, David Zabriskie and Jay Voorhees who seem to have so many gifts to offer the world and inspire people time and time again, with great acts of personal accomplishment, wise works of understanding and the ability to cut through all the other stuff to find the relevant information. I think that God has all those "other options" for people to look after and care about, and God still wants to be with me. That is definitely awe inspiring. I hope you know that God wants to know you in the same way. May you be awed by the same feelings of overwhelming love and care.


At July 11, 2005, Blogger gavin richardson said...

first of all.. you know jay from seminary. oh boy.. second, jay is inspiring? david we need to talk. &:~D

At July 11, 2005, Blogger David said...

Yes Gavin,
Seminary does make for some odd introductions, then again so does college *grin*. It all boils down to six degrees of separation anwyay, right. Besides, Jay and I share something that immediately makes me a kindred to him, as it is a unique challenge to face in the UMC, we are clergy couples. UM clergy no less.


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