Monday, August 01, 2005

Camp Reviews

There were some great topics covered this past week at camp...being the Salt and Light in the World (Matthew 5:13-16).
We talked about what it meant to be salt in the world.
Salt isn't much good without a few other grains of salt
We talked about being roaring lambs.
lambs get placid and plain, roaring lambs carry the voice of God
We talked about being the light of the world.
Being a light bulb means not only having the switch turned on and the light working properly, but being tapped into the source
We talked about our call.
Several people identified a call...minister, missionary, cook, musician
We talked about communion.
As redeemed people we are called into community and have the opportunity, like the men on the road to Emmaus, to sit and eat with the Teacher, and have our eyes opened to the King.

Good things all the way around.


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