Wednesday, August 10, 2005


There are times when I get to feeling just *ugh*, *blah* and all those kinds of feelings. I melt down in some senses and want to become one with the couch, or more likely the bed or recliner....mmmm recliners.
But, I also feel an obligation to keep things going with what is shaking here. So time for one of the age old traditions...redirection.
Two blogs I took note of this week are revgalblogpals
and UntiedMethodist for two very different reasons.
Revgalblogpals is a great idea to help support and sustain women clergy, started by a woman clergy person. I have heard that cry for support all through my seminary years and beyond. Way to go women!
UntiedMethodist is a blog that this week featured two fantastic articles. The first was about a campus minister (interview) and I mentioned it already. The second is that for United Methodists it gives a good understanding of a variety of issues at stake in the Beth Stroud trial, especially as they relate to the discipline. Helpful, and challenging.
Peace be with you in your reading,


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