Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Sorry for the long time between posts. I can't say that I really have a good excuse, just the reason for the delay. I spent last week on vacation. I didn't go anyplace amazing or see anything major. I simply went back to the place where I grew up. I spent the week at my grandma's house, three blocks from my folks, and went to see them through the day to watch TV, vegetate and simply unwind. I was ready to hit something, anyone, at the simplest comment, smirk, etc. It was bad. I got to relive the beauty of God's glory we call the Eastern Sierra, Bishop, to be exact. I watched the quail run through the yards, the birds gather at the birdfeeders in colors of red, orange, brown and so many more. I saw cows and horses and a mule or two (it is the mule capital of the world after all). I saw a wolf, or a very well fed coyote in the alfalfa fields. I watched the Tule Elk gather south of Big Pine and laze through the days. I caught up with some of my former campers and visited with them over dinner. I went to the church that approved me for ministry and taught me much about who I was and has helped shape who I am.
That is this post - who I am. I discovered a little more about me. I am still working on trying to discern what to do with the knowledge.
-I like me.
-I am good at being a pastor, teaching, and as a husband.
-I was afraid of too many things, unneccessarily and I needed to let go of that fear.
-Acupuncture is sound in the understanding, but is not for my body. Massage is the best stress relief I have found. (and thus, the best holistic health medicine I know)
-I am an agent of change. (this has some major implications and I hope to make them good changes and helpful, even if not the most graceful)
-I dearly love my wife, and made the best choice of my life when I married her.
-I love my job, and especially love teaching the Bible, through study, conversation, and preaching.
-I am a mountain boy, friend to the cold and the dry climate that comes with 4000 feet above sea level and more.
-I have a lot of work left to do in this life.
-Life without prayer and consistent study of the scriptures for personal work, not just church work makes me very dangerous to myself and others.
-God is ever faithful.

Just my musings on the week that has gone to prep for Exodus.


At October 17, 2005, Blogger gavin richardson said...

those are some good discoveries. i can relate to the need to 'refind' or 'reconnect' with self. i think we all need that periodically.


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