Monday, November 07, 2005

I feel so dirty

This weekend was a great football weekend, but I found myself needing to take a shower at the end of the day. I rooted for teams that are just horrible no-nos to root for, no matter what, of course one was mitigated by facing another team that is not worth rooting for. I say this at the risk of much verbage at my overwhelming's okay I can live with being prejudiced in this case.
Yes, I rooted for Miami, over Virginia Tech. I had hoped that UCLA might have a better chance to make the National Championship...and then they blew it with a horrendous loss to the Arizona Wildcats.
Yes, I rooted for Notre Dame. As a member of a USC household, both parents graduated from there, that is a horrible no-no. Throw in the BAMA graduate in me, and I have a heated vengence saved just for Notre Dame. But, they were playing Tennessee and there is no-one more hated in the Crimson Tide pantheon of enemies than Phil Fulmer right now. That's what getting BAMA in trouble with the NCAA for losing a bidding war on a player will get you...not to say BAMA didn't deserve it, but that it was very anger inducing. Way to go Notre Dame.
The irony is that BAMA will probably get pushed out of the BCS now that Notre Dame has enough wins to get an at-large bid to the BCS now...that will bite if it comes to be. Now I just have to hope that BAMA can close out their season with LSU and Auburn, not to mention the SEC championship game. If they do that, they should easily jump back over Miami, and make it tough for Texas to make a full-fledged argument that they belong at #2 more than BAMA...but hope springs eternal.
Enough of the football musings, I need to go take another shower. I can't shake that dirty feeling for rooting for those teams this weekend.


At November 07, 2005, Blogger gavin richardson said...

who cares about ucla out here, but it was good to watch ut go down.

i was in knoxville for their loss to usc (the other one) which was fabulous. next year catch bama do the same at neyland.


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