Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I said I would

Write, that is. I ws going to try and write more frequently in this mess I call a blog. It doesn't seem to carry much weight, though I am definitely carrying more this year. So off to try and find the best fit for my fitness. I love soccer, and I enjoy TV watching. I fidget a lot during the day and take short walks all through the day. I eat more than I should and so I am trying to lay off the extras, and I suppose fewer slugs of the great nectar of COKE will help as well. I would love to have a treadmill at the house to watch TV and walk or run on. We had a simulated ski machine at the house where I grew up with my parents, but my coordination never quite made it to the level of intimacy needed for using that machine regularly. I did try going out to play tennis with some of the locals in San Bernardino, but the tennis just wasn't all that much work, and I was quickly reminded why I quit in the first place. My shoulder hurts too much from my serve. I would love to have a coach and regular practices with soccer or basketball. I love those sports, and I need the extra running. I can remember running for nearly two hours in a soccer game, and sometimes I played more than one in a day. Then in college I played Ultimate Frisbee and we often had 4 games in a day, and ran a lot. The best one was going "savage" at a tournament in Louisiana. Savage in Ultimate is playing with only seven players...the minimum required, no subs. We worked very hard that day and surprisingly didn't get totally worked by the other teams. We played respectably. Too much reminiscing and not enough exercise, enjoying too much of that great food that Jonathan so fabulously remarked on from the previous post. Oh yeah, maybe I ought to make a few more links in my posts, just not today folks sorry. I am too tired and my body is still trying to figure out what in the world, and more importantly where in the world.


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