Thursday, November 17, 2005

Full Week

Trying to get into the habit of at least posting more regularly is going to take some effort. But, for now I can at least give a summary of the week of the church so far.
We had a good service on Sunday. We talked about the parable of the talents (5,2,1) and looking at it from a standpoint of faith rather than money or "talents", and doubling our faith, by the gift of sharing with others. Monday was Charge Conference (The annual business meeting of the local church where we give our reports to the District). This went well and we had some great reports. When it came time for the "Pastor's Report" I simply said that the report of the pastor is the work of the people. These people are the ones who are keeping the life of the church growing, moving, and sustained. If I am offering them something that keeps them going then that is my job. If I can help them to do it better, then that is my job. If they are doing what they should then I am doing what I should. Tuesday was a funeral for a 17 year old child who had been totally handicapped, mentally and physically, except for some slight facial movement, and the ability to blink for 5 years. This as a result of appendectomy surgery that went horribly awry. That was tough. Wednesday was Bible study, and a great youth outing/scavenger hunt. They went "trick or treating" without the tricking, for boxes of food for the local Frazee Community Center that serves as an additional resource to the San Bernardino Community, not unlike the Salvation Army. Today is a little slower, and then tomorrow is another funeral for the mother of one of our church members. It wasa long fight with some rough illness, and we give thanks that she has gone on to be with her Creator.
That is all for now.


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