Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The World of Politics

For the most part I have stayed out of political discussions in the past, but today got me. I was down at the local pizza joint and had just ordered lunch with the church secretary. I sat down with her to watch the news while we waited, and the bombings of the hotels in Jordan were on. We watched for a period of time, and then the owner of the restaurant came out to sit and talk. This was his home - Jordan.
The politics don't really matter in a situation like that. You just try to be present and talk and share and be human together in that moment. In my view that is pastoral care and that is being a person of faith, who shares a love for another fellow human. Never mind that additional attraction that I have been working on trying to develop relationships with different folks here in the neighborhood around our church to make it easier to be The United Methodist Church of Del Rosa.
All in all, a powerful moment, I wanted to share.


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