Friday, December 02, 2005

That's Heavy

Thanks Jay for the reminder about what I need to be doing. Weight loss has been on my mind lately too. Of course going to the doctor helps that. I had a couple of appointments yesterday, and a lab visit today. Not so much fun. The real kicker was that the biggest reason for it all was the need to find a new doctor so that I could get my prescriptions refilled. My old doctor retired. He got sick and decided to call it quits. So that was a major bummer. The weight was one of the first things they take care of at the doctor's office. I was quickly made aware that I had put on another 10 pounds since I last checked. Now I gotta figure out the plan of action to bring it down. How far down, well 40 pounds would be nice, and 50 better. Food is so much fun though. On with the exercise it is...and then I gotta lay off the foods too in order to make this work.


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