Thursday, December 08, 2005

A time away

I hear of all the other folks who are busy, busy, busy with work and such and preparations for the Christmas Event. (Yes, even the folks who have chosen not to have church on Sunday, December 25th) We want to take time away. That is good. Today I go to do just that with some clergy friends, not to get away from work...after all we do talk about lectionary study. This is great time. We visit, refresh and debate...all good stuff in my book. So I don't really get away from work. But, the kicker is that I do get away from the church, the phone (it doesn't receive much up there) and I get to go back to the mountains that I so dearly love.


At December 08, 2005, Blogger Randy said...

Cherish those moments! In my conference (Arkansas) we have a great program called "Connected in Christ." With a Lilly grant, this program is now spreading to several other conferences.

One of the main components of this church renewal program includes four separate week-long retreats for the pastors at a remote and tranquil setting. For ours, we meet at an amazing Benedictine monastery. The days are filled with excellent speakers (like Dr. Billy Abraham or Bishop Scott Jones), but the evenings include times for sharing our faith stories and praying for each other, and just sitting around strumming a guitar and talking or even smoking a cigar. The Benedictine brothers surprised us by sending over two cases of wine (Robert Mondavi Merlot and Chardonay), along with a cheese tray that had several French cheeses. Those are such bonding times.

So often, we clergy live isolated lives, disconected from each other. It's good when we do find ways to really connect.


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