Monday, December 19, 2005

Good Morning

Time to get up! Time to get up! It's time to get up in the morning! I have no idea why but my body does hate me. I get up for the morning relief, and the head says...Okay, I'm up, let's go. What's with that? Does it not hear my body saying, 'sleep, sleep., must have sleep."
It does get me to thinking about John Wesley and how he chastised his preachers for more than 6 or 6.5 hours of sleep per night. He felt that they were wasting good time for God if they slept more than that. He himself often went visiting until late into the night (9 or 10PM) and then got up at 4am to study the scriptures and pray, only to be sure and get out into the fields to preach by 5:30 so that he could preach for a while before the men had to hit the mines or other work they were into.
I'm not sure I could subsist on such a schedule, but I do admire the man. I need more like the usual 8-9 hours per night.
I hope you are getting your sleep...and with the season what it is may you too have sugarplums dancing in your heads.



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