Friday, December 16, 2005


So the latest debate in my church is not the question of whether or not to be open on Christmas day...we have gone ahead with services, even though they will be a little different than the norm with a Christmas concert by our choir. The latest issue is whether or not to hold an offering on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. apparently, there are those who believe that the offering looks too much like Admission and is therefore something that would turn away new people to the church on such an open occasion where folks may be checking out the church for the first time.
I disagree, and think that it is a prt of our giving of whole self to God, and therefore quite appropriate in any church setting. I have trouble with the churches who do not have an open offering, but do it all behind closed doors so as not to make people feel obligated or uncomfortable. Help me clear this one up. I know you all have opinions.


At December 16, 2005, Blogger Cristina said...

Hey there 'next blog'. I have a comment about the open offering. At our church, our pastor is very clear when taking offering. He says, "If this is your first time visiting, relax. You are in no way obligated..." But he does stress the importance of tithing (to the rest of the congregation).
Maybe a solution to your question of what to do?

At December 17, 2005, Blogger Kansas Bob said...

From 77-95 I went to a church that never took one offering ... never passed the plate. At each sanctuary door there was a box with envelopes where gifts could be deposited. Over those years I watched the church grow from 800 to 3,500. The pastor usually gave a yearly tithing message - money was low-key and simply not an issue ... we always had enough.

I think that giving is a matter of the heart and one of conscience. Christians want to support the Lord's work and are generous by (their new) nature. If they are not suporting their local church the issue is probably not with them but with the church.

One solution might be to not take an offering on Christmas but tell people they can donate at the door instead.

Merry Christmas from Kansas!


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