Monday, December 26, 2005


I am working on my sensitivity, and trying to express my feelings in real and good ways. Strangely, this has happened most easily with my writing of late. Maybe that will translate over to the spoken word, and living expression of said feelings.
I was surprised the other day to find myself in tears because a rift in one of the webrings I participate in had been "healed" of sorts. Several of the members who felt they had been run off were back and starting participate again. I told them I missed them and expressed my emotion with the basic *misty eyed* and *grabs a tissue* along with the all-important "glad to have you all back". Something about the Christmas season got me in this way.

As I ponder this I realized I was hurt the last couple of times when I had not been included in the "weekly roundup" of the Methodist Blogosphere that Locusts and Honey puts together each week. I had been missed for the past few weeks. I didn't take it personally the first time because I hadn't written anything of significance and I wouldn't expect anyone to post that. The second time I posted in the comments to John about it and he quickly responded. I am now forgotten for a third time and not sure what to think. I can't imagine how much stuff John has to go through to read it all. I know I don't read all the blogs in the Methodist Blogroll, just a few in the sidebar.

I appreciate those who regularly update. I find myself increasingly frustrated by those who do not, and I can understand being dropped from John's blog reading when I stopped posting regularly for a while. This week was Christmas and I wanted to take some time away. I may not have much to share, but it is my own corner of the universe and maybe somehow someway I will make it through alright. BTW - Natalie if you are reading through this one your blog had some issues the past few days. All I get is code for your pages...kinda scary.



At December 27, 2005, Blogger natalie said...

yeah, i have no idea what the problem is... ive emailed the folks at blogger ad as of yet they havent responded. I'll give em another week or so, and then I'll just set up another blog on a different site if they don't fix it. That would be such a bummer though...


At December 28, 2005, Blogger natalie said...

I went ahead and moved to typepad:

At January 02, 2006, Blogger John said...

Dave, I have not excluded you on purpose. Rather, due to time constraints, I have followed the four-paragraph rule of the MBWR.

Any blog post will be included upon request, no matter what its size. Sometimes bloggers e-mail me and request that particular posts (that I would normally skip due to length) be included in the MBWR. And I do so.

Dave, please don't hesitate to make such requests. I will include any post that you want. But if it's under 4 paragraphs, you have to tell me that you want it in the MBWR.

I'm sorry that I have given offense. It was not intentional.

At January 02, 2006, Blogger David said...

Thanks for the heads up. Now I know...that will help. Of course it probably doesn't help my cause when I never quite figured out how to use the whole "paragraph" thing.


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