Thursday, December 03, 2009

Book Quiz II

My answer to the Book Quiz II seems to be predicated upon the idea that I created a monster. I contend that my monster was a group of healthy young men and women, who were capable of leadership and gained confidence to go forth in the world.

You're Frankenstein!

by Mary Shelley

Inventive, clever, and perhaps too creative for your own good, you
are widely admired. While most around you believe that science can only offer
unmitigated improvement of their lives, you show them another side to technological
advancement that is dangerous and downright scary. While this may sound like you're
regressive and even retrograde, it really demonstrates that you're voicing important
concerns with a world rapidly spinning out of control. There are those who believe
you're melodramatic, but most people appreciate you for this entertaining streak.
You really love Halloween.

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