Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stupid Sports

Someone made a comment in something I paid attention to for a brief moment earlier today. I was watching Bones, and there was a questions asked by Hodgins whether the best Islamic team would beat the best Christian team. It followed a question about Celtics and Lakers, so I went to the basketball world immediately.

It got me thinking about whether a team made up of Christians or Muslims might have the advantage in a basketball all-star game. I immediately came up with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Chris Jackson, and figured off-hand that Sharif Abdur-Rahim might fit the bill too.

Using Wikipedia and some other resources I came up with the following:

Muslim Team


  • Alaa Abdelnaby - retired Houston Rockets

Christian Team


  • Dwight Howard - Orlando Magic
  • David Robinson - San Antonio Spurs
  • A.C. Green - LA Lakers
  • Bobby Jones - Philadelphia 76ers
  • Avery Johnson - Spurs
  • Allan Houston - Knicks
  • Michael Redd - Milwaukee Bucks
  • Chris Paul - New Orleans
  • David Thompson - Denver Nuggets
  • Mark Price - Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Charlie Ward - Knicks
  • Luke Ridnour - Milwaukee Bucks
  • Hubert Davis - Knicks
  • Lenny Wilkens - Cleveland Cavaliers

Not sure who I give the nod to. Looks like the Islamic Community the edge at Center, though Howard and Robinson can hold their own and have the awards to prove it. PG lends the lead to Chris Paul, though the Muslim players have the depth to compete. Shooting guard, with Redd and Houston, as well as Mark Price gets the lead to the Christian team. I must give a clear assertion that Jamaal Wilkes, and Hedo definitely show some real strength. Power Forward goes to the Muslim players with the likes of Wallace, and Hakeem Olajuwon. Which brings the whole shooting match down to Small Forward with the players I have listed. Alaa Abdelnaby and Abdur-Rahim, with Larry Johnson stand up against Bobby Jones and AC Green. Bobby Jones is as great as they come, and AC Green had longevity that the others cannot even approach. Depth goes the other way - although Abdelnaby was less than stellar. Player/Coach Lenny Wilkens give the Christian players a definite edge, although Kareem is showing himself to be quite adept at the coaching side too.

In the end I say it goes to overtime, and the fitness of the Centers, on the Christian team, wins out. 120-115OT




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