Sunday, January 13, 2008


I have mentioned before how I have been trying to simplify my life, and minimize the stuff in the house.

I have managed to get many boxes sorted, files effectively organized, the kitchen re-established, and clearing space to bring new boxes in from the garage so that I can sort and organize those. In the process we have decided to get rid of some of the furniture we have, as well as make some specific changes to the types of furniture we have - particularly the desks we have.

This is all good, and then there is the slightly amusing way that I have begun to minimize and simplify. We have teas for weeks on end. I have shared that we have enough tea, cocoa, cider and coffee to have one cup every waking hour, each for about three months.

In an effort to minimize and help me to unwind and simplify I have been working on the coffee in the mornings - no surprise there; but then in the evenings I have been working my way through the teas, taking a cup with some honey to relax - AND MINIMIZE our stores of foodstuffs.

What a fun way to have a Sabbath moment each day.



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