Sunday, December 30, 2007


Hello old friends.
I hope you are still out there. I lost my computer and I have found a new love. A Fujitsu (excuse me) Lifebook. Does this mean I finally have a life again?
I had Vista installed on the computer and now I am trying to figure out what I had on my old computer and how to get them onto this computer or whether it is necessary.
I am now taking solicitations for "necessary downloads"
So far, it has been Picasa, Firefox, Adobe Reader, and I am not sure what else.
Of course, I also have to rebuild all my links and such, which means that I am also soliciting functional and necessary websites for ministry and entertainment.
I have got the old standards up, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and Google. Next for tomorrow is, and whatever input you all have to offer a wayward person who failed to do enough backup of his information.
Thank God and coders for the power of the internet and the ability to retrieve from email on Google and Yahoo, rather than the misfortune of losing everything once it is an email downloaded to my computer with the likes of Outlook.


At December 31, 2007, Blogger Rich Holton said...

One suggestion for sites to have a link to:

Online NRSV:


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