Thursday, November 01, 2007


I heard from a parishioner this morning that she had dreamed of me last night.

This intrigued me, and as I listened more I became to discernment.

Several of us were out on a hike. I had my hiking gear on and we were cruising along. As we began to head up the trail we came to a place where there was a very large peak ahead of us. At that time I stated that I was not to go to the top of that peak. Someone in the group asked why, and I answered that I did not know why, just that I was not to go up that peak.

Interesting to me was that I did not tell the rest of the group that they were not to go to the top of the peak, just that I was not to go on to the peak.

She also shared with me, that whatever I was planning on doing I ought not to do. This makes for some very interesting dilemmas at the moment.

-What is the peak?
-Who is the group I am taking hiking?
-Why do I know I should not go?



At November 09, 2007, Blogger Dr.John said...

I don't ever remember a member telling me about a dream with me in.

At December 25, 2007, Blogger Cathelou said...


I check out your blog occasionally and loved these last two entries. I especially sympathize with your computer problems. My husband is a Presbyterian minister, and I found your blog through a link on the blog of one of his seminary classmates. (Coincidentally, I recently took a job at a Methodist divinity school [Duke], and we are in the process of living in Atlanta and Durham simultaneously.)

Anyway, this is indeed an interesting dream. It sounds almost as if she's afraid you're going to leave them (the congregation, the group, whatever) to climb whatever peaks they face as a church alone. (And we know that can happen in the United Methodist Church very easily--having been Methodist for 36 years before becoming Presbyterian, I experienced it.) I'm not saying you are going to leave or that you are abandoning them, but she might have that fear.

Whatever the dream is about, I don't think the dream is a warning to you, but is an expression of her own feelings.


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