Saturday, September 08, 2007


Robbymac writes on evangelism, and uses one of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis, in style and characters to sift it through.

Check it out.

I would add a comment here:

Robbymac writes,
"Under my tutelage," he pompously began, not seeing Wormwood roll his bloodshot eyes at the arrogance of the young, "the puny mortals have 'decided' that they need to make their loathsome little gatherings focused on the needs of those who aren't with them."

-then steers the story differently than I imagined. Too often I have experienced church focused on the needs of those who aren't with them limited to church members who are "mostly at home".

And: Meetings are the bane of the church, not so much for the basic fact of having them, but that the church (pick your denomination-mine is Methodist) is so steeped in committees and bureaucracies that actual works of mercy and works of piety are set aside. Therefore, kill as many committees as possible, and set people to the ministries for which they have been called.



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