Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just Because

With Christmas now gone, and Epiphany likewise, I was doing some reminiscing.

During the live nativity at Santa Barbara FUMC it seemed lots of folks came to see the camels. The gentleman standing with me is the former senior pastor there, LLoyd Saatjian, who had quite a collection of camels himself.

But, once again, this epiphany I was reminded of the sermon I promised him I would preach and have yet to actually do. Maybe it will have to wait until I can get him to come and join me for such an event.

The as yet unpreached sermon is "It's NOT About the Camel"



At January 15, 2008, Blogger Pastor Bob Cornwall said...


Thanks for the post!

I walked through to your blog and then I saw LLoyd and then I saw it was you!!!

I hope you're doing well in San Berdoo.


Bob Cornwall -- late of FCC,SB


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