Wednesday, May 17, 2006


There are many joys to writing.
The blog is one as it helps to pour out ideas onto a page. I find that I ask a lot of questions with my blog. I want help and need to have some interaction, and have appreciated the colleagues I have been able to work with in this media. I have made some great "friends". I use the term "friends" as I never feel fully attached to folks until I have a chance to visit with people in person.
Which is where I really enjoy the exchange of ideas and the opportunity to further a thought or refine it. There is something more real to that. Of course understanding that about myself helps to develop the part of me that is a verbal learner. The funny part of being a verbal learner is that I want to talk with the teachers as they discuss a point, to clarify, inspect or refute, and that is not always appreciated by a professor or a teacher.
So then, the challenge of writing for interaction is more difficult. Which provides another avenue of writing, that for creative release, and encouragement, such as I have opportunity to do when I write for an online RPG. Pretty cool stuff, and the Wheel of Time makes great fodder for such writing.
If I do this kind of creative development I think it will only serve to help my sermon writing as well. Maybe that is why preaching is so much fun for me, in that I get to have some writing and a lot more discussion. It is also what makes preaching so hard for me, as I want to do more Bible Study interaction through the course of the sermon, and most churches are not prepared for such things. I'm not even sure if they should be, but I don't like a total monologue...and maybe that is the truth of it, a sermon is not a monologue, but a dialogue, with a long pause in between responses from the pastor and the congregation.


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