Thursday, May 04, 2006

Something near and dear to my heart

There is little doubt in my mind that I appreciate the value of marriage and of my orders in the UMC.

However, in trying to answer the question of a friend I realized that my views about what that means in the long term and in the eyes of others I am a bit rogue.

There is a discussion carrying on over at Gavin's blog with Joel and me, and some other voices surrounding the story, that might be of interest.

I thought it better to point the arrow that way, rather than re-write the whole thing here.



At May 06, 2006, Blogger gavin richardson said...

yes, quite the conversation. i must admit that i am increasingly convicted to respecting the church to seek out a collaborative type effort. it wasn't going to be hard to convince me as i was asking the questions to begin with, if i didn't care i'd just say i was doing it.

thanks for your input dc.


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