Monday, May 15, 2006

Morning Wake-up

This morning was begun by the usual Monday start. We have a prayer breakfast each Monday at 7AM down at the No Name Cafe, we begin with prayer, somewhere in the middle we have a devotional and then close with prayer.

We were short a few folks this morning, as they have wandered off to do some graduation stuff with family and another went for some rebuilding in New Orleans. It is great to be working with a people on the move.

It did get me to thinking about some additional folks graduating today. Namely, my sister graduates from Candler School of Theology today. This is my alma mater and I am very proud of her in her studies. This year she is off to start working in the local church, but isn't sharing where just yet. I know this is because it hasn't been worked through with the local SPRC. So be praying for Debbie as she continues in the journey to daily ministry in the local church.

Other news is pretty dull and so we just go on with life, but I wanted to get in the practice of updating this site more often, maybe a few thoughts added here and there.



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