Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Creative Web Ideas Needed

Del Rosa UMC has decided it is time to enter the web-age with something more substantial than the webspace we get from our host, and the free webspace we signed-up for with GBOD some years ago (to give you an idea of how long ago, the pastor listed is three pastors ago, and almost 10 years removed from this church)

We want to use the space we have already, and are not ready to venture into our own domain name category yet, as the church wants to make sure we have enough traffic to warrant such a thing. That said - it will be hard to find us on the web, just by entering a URL.

I wondered if anyone has experience in redefining the "home" page for their entity such that it is hosted on a free service and easy to remember, and can direct folks easily to other sites where the "main" pages are hosted.

Let me give an example of what I am thinking. We need a calendar for the church, that can be updated easily and frequently, without the additional webpage creation software (like Dreamweaver and such). I wondered about hosting this on something like Blogspot with our "main" pages linked to this page, and vice-versa.

I was also considering finding a free host for our administrative committee chairs' emails, so that it doesn't clog their personal stuff, and can be transferred easily from chair to chair as the years go by, not to mention keeping folks from tracking them down personally because of how their emails are listed on the church webpage, where we want to give people access to reach them. This would also enable us to transfer ISPs if needed.

Any creative ideas about how to do this effectively would be appreciated.



At May 14, 2006, Blogger John said...

My home church's webpage uses a handy calendar thingy at the bottom. Very handy.

At May 16, 2006, Anonymous Roland said...

I would not split your site into pieces as it will be an administrative burden that you'll wind up undoing. At, we pay about $10 a month for e-zekiel, which is a package set up for churches. Calendars and things like that can be pasted in from Word. Also, I think Yahoo!Geocities even has a free package, and there are others. It is hard to go wrong with something used by so many people. But I think you will regret it you have a home page here and other pages over there and so on.

As far as the domain, you can register one for $10 a year or so. It only takes a couple of visitors and you have that $10 back.

For emails, you might look at Google mail. With it, you have incredible amounts of free space and can archive messages forever. Use an email address that is independent of their personal name - or whatever.



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