Friday, May 26, 2006

Raising Awareness

I got a different kind of email from the Middle East the other day. I have a friend in the area, and she has several contacts (I know this is beginning to sound like a bad chain letter). There is a woman in Afghanistan who is working with the communities there and they are in need of supplies.

I hope that you will be able to get the word out to your community of faith to help out too.

I have cut and pasted part of her letter here:

Cynthia Epler cmepler at hotmail dot com wrote:

Subject: A Different Kind of Dispatch
The most striking thing out of my recent
journey is the level of need in this country. Afghanistan is the
third world of the third world, which was painfully clear around
every bend I traversed of late.

I know some of you have kindly offered to send me all sorts of
goodies and I'm grateful to have such a wonderful network of friends
and family! Instead of sending me stuff, I would like folks to think
about contributing to a US military initiative based out of Kabul.
Every Friday, US civilian and military personnel visit local
orphanages and bring goods to the children there. It is quite a
production for the US folks working here and certainly a worthy cause
given the abject poverty. If you are interested in getting involved
or know folks who would be interested, I've included the following
information instead of an official dispatch-there is no pressure to
participate, I just wanted to share the information.

They need everything from clothing, hygiene
products, toys, school supplies and more.
Direct donations can be sent to:

Community Relations
APO AE 09356


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