Saturday, January 17, 2009

Visioning pt.2

  • Develop a clear understanding of “current reality”:

What are our core values? How well do they propel us toward fulfilling our mission?

What are the gifts that God has given this church?

What are the trends in membership, worship attendance, participation in educational events, financial giving, and mission outreach for the last five years?

How effectively do we embrace diversity within our church?

When people visit our church and decide to go elsewhere, do we know why?

Is there clear understanding of the church finances? Are there unrealistic perceptions?

How well are we currently doing in making disciples?

How are we doing in reaching out beyond ourselves?

What community or world event has affected our congregation recently and how have we responded?

How are we perceived by our larger local community?

Do we comprehend the perspective of those outside our church?

What are the dreams and hopes of our community?

What are the current outcomes/results of our established programs?  



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