Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ojai Singles Scene

First Off: I have not suddenly become single...I am still happily married to my wonderful wife.

Now, on with the show.

I have often marveled at the singles scene in various locales. College seemed to be the only "good" place for such a thing. I have tried the hiking groups, and the local bar scene (though I never could get into that one so much). I enjoyed simple things and places to make connections naturally, rather than trying to force something. But, it seems the places to do so are dwindling.

I wonder what kinds of activities would be warm and welcoming for the single person in Ojai, or in your area for that matter. Would a gathering that featured Wii game nights, World of Warcraft, Low Ropes Elements, Art Classes of Pottery or some other activity bring you in to check it out? What kind of activity would you come back for week after week.

I know when I was at the Wesley Foundation it was dinner, and some TV and games that kept me going back. Would a crash pad of some variety make a difference to this ministry if you got beyond 25?

Any help, thoughts or insights as to what has been successful in your area would be appreciated. I welcome Joseph Yoo's thought of a Coffee Shop ministry. How could that be expanded so as to exclude alcohol as the draw, and still be viable?

Just thinking out loud here...


At January 15, 2009, Blogger Deb said...

I think the thing that was nice about the college scene was the activity--I'd go for capture the flag, biff, ropes courses, board game nights--activities that are fun but also provide room for interaction and conversation...

I blogged a bit about this type of thing in the spring:


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