Sunday, January 11, 2009

20 Random Things

20 Random Things about me.

1. I tried surfing and ripped my face up on the rocks, and gave up
2. I have been sand surfing on the Eureka Sand Dunes
3. I have hiked a 50-miler over the Sierra Nevadas
4. I heard my call to ministry when I was about 5, after coming home from camp
5. I love mornings
6. Monday is my favorite day of the week - I like to get things started right
7. I dated Minnie Mouse
8. I took gymnastics
9. I played the trumpet, the piano and the organ
10. I was a math geek in grade school
11. I have a collection of UM Disciplines that goes back to the 1700s
12. I lettered (Varsity) in Tennis, Wrestling and Soccer
13. I have JV Letters in Golf, and Basketball
14. I played Club Ultimate Frisbee in College
15. My wife and I had several "near misses" in meeting one another before we met June 20, 2003
16. My family consists of 4 clergy among my two other siblings and our spouses (5 if you count the dating scene)
17. My parents have been married for 38 years this February
18. I enjoy Oriental Rugs, and am fascinated by them
19. I collect prayers for when I do not know how to pray
20. I can and do sew (mostly buttons these days, but a few quilts and other clothes too)


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