Saturday, January 03, 2009


Usually I love the morning. I tend to wake early in the day. Of course, I will admit that having a child who likes to get up at 5AM for her morning feeding tends to ease that routine into being more commonly. 
I have almost always been an early riser. There were some days during college when I did not, and those tended to be times when I woke later in the day due to later nights. Big surprise.
The big deal today is that I am back home, and I intended the homonym entendre of today's post. I am tired from a long day of travel yesterday. I am also mindful that the University of Alabama lost yesterday to Utah. Want to know the kicker to that - they got beaten worse than when Florida beat them in the SEC Championship. I dare say that not only was the score worse, but that the beating Utah put on Alabama was worse. 
Now I know that Andre Smith was off the team for this game, but it was just so much worse. I think Caoch Saban summed it up well, "We weren't ready tonight." Doesn't get more blunt or true than that.
Tough day. Maybe I can start my New Year today...or should I wait until Sunday, and the first Sunday of the Year? I could even take it a little further and begin the year with Epiphany? Maybe I should just chalk it up to being too far into the year - the Christian year that starts with Advent, or even the Chinese New Year, or the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hoshanna. What about you? Did you start the New Year January 1?


At January 03, 2009, Blogger johnsue said...

I hear ya buddy; I started the New Year on the eve and enjoyed the celebration...the 1st went great too. By the 2nd my New Year didn't feel too new and "same 'ol, same 'ol" was a depressing mantra. I like your idea of the first Sunday... Chinese New Year doesn't start til Jan 26 if you still need more time! Love ya, mom


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