Monday, June 09, 2008


As I prepare to enter a new ministry setting, I am trying to make sure I have certain books and ideas ready and at hand.

Some ideas I have had posted on my wall in my office as we have been working on visioning at Del Rosa UMC and developing new leaders have these brief notes highlighted:

Vision is what we want to do with the gifts, talents and resources we have.

Mission is how we go about our vision.

Inherent to each of these statements is that core values, spiritual gifts inventories, talent banks, and community network/resource mapping is included in the development of the Vision and Mission of a church. These are pieces I need to highlight and process in my new setting.

Of course the development of these things means that people then take those ideas and turn them into action.

When I was working as a youth director in different settings I began to create a plan for implementing new youth workers into the program. I think it works for anyone entering any form of ministry.

Ask them to find their way into leadership with the following model:

Good stuff, and I want to remember it. I figured sharing it might be useful too.



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