Sunday, June 08, 2008

Random Pictures

Just some catching up with photos, while I continue to pack and plan and prep for my move to Ojai.

Pictures from Geneva FUMC, when we went back to My Wife's Grandmother's Funeral:

The big front sanctuary stained glass:
Where my dedicated mother-in-law spends many hours at church in Geneva, practicing and training the choir:

Preaching gig back at my home church (Mom & Dad Camphouse, Grandma Ruth Spencer & Me)

Trust me, blurry is better:
Where we spent our Anniversary in Oxnard:


At June 08, 2008, Blogger R D Mack said...

Is this Geneva, Alabama?

I'm led to believe so since you graduated from U of A...Roll Tide, by the way!.

If this is Geneva, AL, I grew up only one block away from that church. Used to play on their "fire escape" almost daily...much to the dismay of staff and church members who caught me at times :) I actually think they have gotten rid of this in recent years.

I still park in the parking lot there at least once a year to have my taxes done by the accountant in the house behind the church.

Small world.

At June 08, 2008, Blogger R D Mack said...

by the way, I've read some of your posts before and have always enjoyed, but just assumed you were "older"...after looking at your picture, I now realize that we may be close in age. You may even be married to someone I went to high school with. Are you married to Anna by chance? Feel free not to answer....I'm just kind of excited to see Geneva listed on the Methoblog!


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