Sunday, October 22, 2006


This morning I went trawling through the blogosphere. (please note that trawling is not a mistaken form of trolling, but instead the more promising act of fishing through the deep waters of blogs, where trolling is going into the blogosphere to start fights and be nasty)

While sifting through the updates on various personal items of folks I fell upon Andy Bryan's blog. He mentioned some valuable information about what the church might be doing to serve the world better. This was especially helpful in light of today's text from Mark 10:35-45 which reminds us that to be great in the kingdom of heaven, one must be the servant of all.

While preparing to addmy own comments to Andy's blog I found someone else who proclaimed to be from the "Left Coast" and a GenXGirlRev. I wondered if I knew such a person, and found her to be a colleague in the ministry here in Cal-Pac, which then led me on to another blogger in Cal-Pac. It seems the "Left Coast", for being such a technology based economy has taken a little time in catching up in using these great tools. A belated welcome to Molly and Erika, and to JT who has been in my frame of reference for a while, but an unbidden welcome has been hanging for too long.

Thanks for adding your voices to the conversations.


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