Sunday, August 20, 2006

Taking a Risk

During the month of August Del Rosa UMC has been hearing from our congregation members about their transformational experiences. This has been a risky venture.

First, there are the critics who feel I need to be in the pulpit every Sunday. I point out the four Sundays we are given for vacation and the two Sundays for continuing education. We also are given a week for Annual Conference, and a week for camp, as well as the understanding that we are a connectional people.

Second, I am trying to create a church that has lay people who are being trained in every aspect of church leadership, including preaching. To this end I try to find people to preach for me when I am away, including, but not limited to the four other preachers we have in our congregation. I also look to Sundays like UMW Sunday, Youth Sunday, Camp Sunday, and Laity Sunday to provide opportunities for the lay people of the congregation to preach.

Third, I am intimately aware of the need we have to tell our stories to one another. This congregation has longbeen established, and many people know the stories of one another, but there are new people all the time who need to tell their stories and hear the stories of the faithful.

Fourth, if we are to be a professing people we need practice telling of the power of Jesus Christ in our lives. The hope is that the church is a safe place for that to begin to occur. Then, the people may feel more able to share with another person after already having shared with a large body of people.



At January 02, 2007, Anonymous Richard H said...

I agree with your reasons for not being in the pulpit all the time. I, too, want to develop other preachers. This requires not only that I let people preach when I'm gone, but that I also let them preach when I'm there, so I can give them feed back.

In my situation the biggest barrier isn't my people saying I need to be preaching every Sunday. It's more my pride that tells me I need to.


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