Sunday, July 16, 2006

Onward and upward

Okay, so I made a promise to my congregation earlier this year. Well, mostly it was a contract with myself. I said I was going to lose 40 pounds this year. I did great during the first 2 and half months and lost over 20 pounds. I since put a goodly portion of that back on.

Well, this week I have decided to step it up again and work my way back down. What's more is that I got tired of my back being in pain. I need to stretch and loosen up more. It has been suggested I spend a few hours a week doing yoga and kick-boxing. I am not so much for the kick-boxing. The yoga has been a suggestion for many years and has just not appealed to me.

But the time has come. I found a couple of shows worth taping for yoga. One is a great half hour program on PBS that varies the program. I have used it several times already and have also taken the time to stretch without the tape.

I have managed to keep my exercise levels ata reasonable rate in the evenings too. I have been on the stepper this week, taken the dog for a walk, played a game of soccer, and some basketball (the basketball was in 110 degree heat on the courts-stupid really, but worth it).

I have also resumed the oatmeal breakfast plan. I haven't really eaten breakfast for nearly 10 years, since I started seminary, and started to do that almost every morning since January and I think it has helped me tremendously.

Now, it is time to work it a little harder. Plan to work and work the plan.



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