Friday, June 30, 2006

Blogging Ahead

So I haven't had much to say and haven't written, though I would not call it a blog break.
In fact,it is interesting to go through the various blogs I read on a regular basis and the number of them that now read
I guess summer turns up the heat on all of us, with so many activities and such. For right now I suppose I just take the breaks from my reading when I take my breaks and though it may look like a blog-cation to some readers, I try to update often enough that it stays active. I am not a good every-day blogger like some I know. Once or twice a week is great.
The two week or so gap in posts goes to the fact that I have been in Hawaii with family (no internet) and another week at Annual Conference. They had internet on campus at the University of Redlands, but since I am not a student there and do not have the regular password and username for the University. I chose to use my time during session where there was wireless internet service actually listening to session.
We did some work of the conference, and did some great work in our groups around campus that dealt with the particular resolutions and rules changes we had before the Conference.
All in all a good couple of weeks. Now I have had to work at catching up on the work of the church and moving forward with that.
Now it is onward and upward with four solid days of fireworks sales.


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