Monday, September 11, 2006

Thank you Captain Obvious

The world is changing!

This shouldn't be news to anyone, but apparently it is affecting everyone in the same way. I have noticed on more than a few chatboards, blogs and general e-communications that folks are not keeping up with them as before. I wonder if this has to do with a very busy September, or what.

If in fact it has to do with a very busy September, for UA alumni, Wheel of Time communications, bloggers and pastors alike, then it would seem to indicate that the world is changing.

Let's just hope it is all for the good. At the moment, I am trying to get my ducks in a row for charge conference (even with it off in January), budgets, planning calendars for the coming year, special events (Kimball Coburn Ministries, Camp Sunday, Laity Sunday, and Advent), all while trying to get myself back in some sort of shape to be able to keep up with my sermons better than before.

Which raises another little observation from recent memory. I have about one or two sermons a year in which I feel like I am just way off my game. I even had one where I nearly bored myself to sleep (and I had to preach it again for the second service when I was serving in Santa Barbara). Yesterday was just such a time. The kicker for me is the realization of grace in those times. God is ever giving and forgiving, as is the congregation and sometimes a sermon speaks to them even when it doesn't speak to me. That is true grace. It came out in the formof several people telling me it was one of the best sermons I had preached. This seems to happen each time I really fumble one around in my own mind. Thanks be to God who gives us the strength to continue on.

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