Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Youth Small Groups

I am trying to locate a good curriculum for youth for a small group ministry beginning, with the possibility of expansion.
Our youth group is currently 30-35 youth per week, with age ranges of 6-12 grades, with the occasional little brother or sister so that the youth can come and attend when they might be otherwise babysitting.
In order for us to make the next step with our group it looks like we are going to need to move into the arena of small cell groups, with short term studies. This will help to provide the nurturing for our youth who had left the youth group because it had gotten too large, and help us grow as we try to find new growing edges.
I also have this idea that the location of these meetings might be with someof our long-time members. I think this could help in the movement from multi-generational to inter-generational ministries here at the church, as well as providing a very helpful model of Christian witness in the leadership of these small groups.
Any help you can give me about programs that have been helpful to you are welcome and appreciated.


At August 31, 2006, Blogger Conrad said...

"Being Methodist in the Bible Belt" is good for youth and adults and is a great reminder of what it is that sets us apart as Methodists.

At September 06, 2006, Blogger Isaac, The Rookie said...

One study that I've used with both youth and adults and that seems to be very adaptable is Augsburg Fortress' "No Experience Necessary" curriculm; I'm planning on using it this fall with my own brand-new student cell groups.


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