Friday, September 29, 2006

Television Season

Time to begin updating.

TV has long held fascination for me, and as a pastor I live in that lovely world in between spaces, of trying to determine whether the TV is detrimental to my sprirtuality or whether I have an obligation to at least begin to get an understanding of what is out there.

Then throw in the very real truth that I appreciate and need the escapism of reading and television. I enjoy fantasy books, especially those that relate to apocalyptic literature, the end of the world, Christ figures and there is something to be said for the words from Martha Kent, on "Smallville" the other day. She said, "every world needs its heroes."

Smallville looks like a good place to start. I started watching the show in its first season, grew disinterested at the end of the season and now picked it up again. Strangely enough it was the sumemr movie about Superman that got me back to watching this show. I never saw the movie, but it did make me nostalgic for a new run at Smallville.

In the spirit of Smallville I have tried to see about the new series Heroes, and the verdict is still out in my opinion about where that is going to go, and whether it will retain my interest.

I love medical dramas, and have ever since I got hooked on ER while in college. These days it includes the old standby of ER, the best medical show on TV which is House, and the amazing combination of medical drama mixed with police thrillers. I do so love the CSI series, Bones, and the CSI spin-offs, NY and Miami.

As you may have guessed by now there are then the other series that lead toward the police interest that have caught my attention. The Unit, and my favorite show on TV - NUMB3RS.

Then I get a good cry in each week watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Yes, you read that right, I get a good cry. That show is so touching and I am amazed at the power and inspiration of looking out for others.

Each one offers me insight into the interests of my congregation, allows me an opportunity to both shut the brain down and engage it at the same time, as I learn something in every show that is on the air (that I watch).

I take it in the same vein as Deitrich Bonhoffer's statement that we ought to carry a Bible in one hand, and the newspaper in the other. In order to be effective in ministry we need to be able to engage culture, presson the door, recognize the genre of entertainment that grabs our congregations, informs their opinions, and develop those forming ideas through the lens of scripture.



At October 01, 2006, Blogger John said...

Amen! We do need to engage the culture. That's why I find it so odd that in this time that I am preparing for the ordained ministry, I have virtually no contact with non-Christians. I had to give up role-playing games and the gamer subculture in order to stay hyperactive at church. And certainly now in seminary it's a lost cause.


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